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Nashville Sibelius User’s Group Meeting July 12, 2010

by John Hinchey on 07/13/2010 · 0 comments

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Thanks to Doug Roberts and Dave McKay of Roberts Creative Systems for inviting me to speak at the Nashville Sibelius User Group meeting. And thank you to all who attended for making me feel so welcome. We covered a lot of ground in Sibelius as well as related software and music notation topics. And if I’m not mistaken there was also mention of the Wankel Rotary Engine at one point.

My main discussion topic was entitled:

“If You Don’t Stop Picking At It, It will Never Heal”

My thought here is, there are probably many actions in Sibelius that you are repeating over and over again that could be streamlined by changing your default settings, assigning a shortcut keystroke or could be completely automated with a plugin. With this in mind, I demonstrated some of my favorite plugins including: Focus Sets, Add Pickup Bar, Fill Selection with Slash Notes, Move Pitches to Transposed Mid Line, Line Between Notes, Make Pitches Constant (Drums), Select Notes In Chord Position, Create Add Text and the grand unveiling of the new Nashville Chord Numbers plugin! (Special thanks to Bob Zawalich).

Since we had many arrangers and music prep professional who use both Finale and Sibelius in attendance, I spent some time talking about file exchange solutions via the use of musicXML.  And for users of Logic and Digital Perfomer,  I also touched on how to get musicXML files from PDFs and scans using PDFtoMusic Pro and Photoscore Ultimate software. We even had a PDF serenade us with  4 part a cappella ditty.

PDFtoMusic Singers sing “Alma Mater”

There was a lot of information flying around, so I promised to post links to the relevant websites, so here they are:

The Sibelius Website
Visit the downloads page for plugins

Bob Zawalich “All Plugins On Download Page”
A complete alphabetical listing of all the free Sibelius plugins available with links

Roman Molino Dunn “The Music Transcirber” Sibelius Plugins
Another source for some fantastic Sibelius plugins that I highly recommend

Daniel Spreadbury’s Sibelius Blog
The place for great tips and latest Sibelius news

Learn Sibelius 6 in One Hour
James Humberstone’s wonderful instructional videos

Michael Good’s site, home of the Finale and Sibelius musicXML dolets, all things music musicXML and the US distributor for PDFtoMusic Pro.

Myriad Software
PDFtoMusic home site

Transcribe “Seventhstring”
Great music transcription software that you can run in the background

Quick and easy MP3 conversion and editing software

Print Window
A handy little application for file list printing

Hinchey Music Services Inc.
My business website that tells about what I do and what I’ve been up to.

As I said before there was a lot of information.  If there is one or more of these topics you’d like to see me review or cover in more depth in future blog posts, write a comment below or drop me an email.


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