Have you ever had a problem, then you find the solution and the next thing the sound you utter resembles Homer Simpson saying, “D’oh!” ?  Discovering this little tip was exactly one of those moments for me. Sometimes it pays to know the basics of your operating system! For years, I’ve been printing PDFs of […]


The great majority of charts I deliver to clients are now attached to an email and sent as PDFs.  No more running to FEDEX and scrambling to get the charts there the next morning.  Charts can instantly be sent anywhere in the world.  This is especially handy for some of my clients, as the PDFs […]


This has nothing directly to do with music notation but I will file it under organization because I think it’s a very handy tip. Like many of my clients and colleagues, my friend Barry Green (fabulous Nashville trombonist) recently changed his email address. He reminded me this past week that I had sent him yet […]