If you are a Sibelius user and spend any time looking around the internet, by now you know that there is a “Save Sibelius” campaign a foot.  There are a lot of things I could say about the situation at this point.  But I would just be rehashing the facts we know or conjecturing and […]


If you read my blog it’s pretty clear what my notation software of choice is, Sibelius.  The big reason, it just works for me.  The way my mind views music notation and the thought process behind the creation of Sibelius are very much in sync.  The reason that Sibelius is so intuitive for me is […]


Here’s a quick tip that you might not use every day but could come in very handy. The situation is this:  You need to display a staff as a small staff in a particular part but in the score and perhaps another part the staff needs to still be the normal size. Sometimes what happens […]


Yeah, there’s an easier way to install plugins With all these recent blog posts on plugins, I thought it might be a good time to talk about the new Install plug-ins feature in Sibelius 7.  I realize looking back at these posts that I’ve created links to Extra plugins for Sibelius download page but really that is […]


Yeah there’s a plugin for that: Move System Objects For Delete Bar plugin and Add Pickup Bar plugin Continuing with my series on plugins, let’s take a look at a common issue and a couple of plugins that can help you out.  But first here’s something you really need to know about Sibelius… ALL PAGE […]


In my previous blog post in this series I talked about the Line Between Notes plugin.  Shortly after that blog post, Bob Zawalich updated this great plugin and it is on the Sibelius website on the Extra Plugins For Sibelius page.  I want to show you some of the new features. Line Between Notes update When […]


In my previous blog post in this series I talked a bit about plug-ins.  I’d like to continue by introducing you to another one of my favorite plug-ins that I use all the time.  Once again, this is a plug-in created by Bob Zawalich and it is available on the Sibelius website on the Extra Plugins […]


Something that I say over and over again about Sibelius is, if you think to yourself, “There must be an easier way to do this,” there probably is. Often the “easier way” is found in the form of a plug-in. A plug-in is a small program that works within a larger program, it this case […]


Surprisingly, I run into many Sibelius users who are under the impression that once you upgrade to Sibelius 7 you can’t exchange scores with someone using Sibelius 6. You can in fact, exchange scores seamlessly. And thanks to a new addition to Sibelius 7 you can easily exchange scores with Finale users too. As well, there […]


In this installment of “Advanced Filtering Tips” I am going to combine several filtering elements and take advantage of an often overlooked attribute of the advanced filter. The more the merrier! I’ve shown you filtering of notes and of text, each by themselves.  You can also combine elements when using the advanced filter, and get […]