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Hi all!  Yes it has been a while since I’ve posted. Good news is I do have some new Sibelius posts coming soon! But I first wanted to share some exciting news about what I’ve been doing over the past five months. In August of 2013 I was fortunate to be called to play trombone on Martina […]


Hi it’s me I’m back. 2013 is almost over and you may have noticed I took a hiatus from blogging. No worries all is well! I’ve been producing, arranging, and, playing trombone in addition to all the usual things people do with their lives. I’ve got some Sibelius posts planned and also posts about some […]


If you read my blog it’s pretty clear what my notation software of choice is, Sibelius.  The big reason, it just works for me.  The way my mind views music notation and the thought process behind the creation of Sibelius are very much in sync.  The reason that Sibelius is so intuitive for me is […]


It’s taken a while to get my first blog post up this year but here it is! On January 22nd I had my first trip to London and my first session at Abbey Road Studios. The producer and engineer for the project was my friend Mark Hornsby.  We recorded 3 of my orchestral arrangements with […]

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